Spear offers a new and more comprehensive approach to entry-level recruitment, which increases the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Since Spear began in 2004, over 75% of Spear candidates have remained in work or further training a year after completing the course.

90 hours

We spend 90 hours preparing each candidate through our award-winning personal development programme, the Spear programme. Our approach primarily focuses on the attitudinal and behavioural issues that employers cite as major barriers to long-term success in their young recruits.

90 days

Then upon employment, we continue to coach the young person for up to one year, and support their manager for a further 90 days, to ensure they are properly integrated into the role. Our clients include forward-thinking businesses facing any of these challenges: • Businesses struggling to recruit motivated and work-ready entry-level staff, particularly from diverse backgrounds • Issues around poor attitude, productivity, performance & customer service • Poor retention & churn of entry-level staff • Companies with an apprenticeship scheme that they wish to integrate into the wider business. We are also a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. IRP Logo