Testimonials / Clients

Our clients are forward thinking businesses employing entry-level staff

They face challenges such as:
  • Tackling poor attitude, productivity, performance and customer service
  • Reducing high churn & low retention of entry-level staff
  • Recruiting motivated and work ready entry-level staff, particularly from diverse backgrounds
  • Introducing and integrating apprenticeship schemes into the wider business
  • Ensuring diversity and social inclusion in teams

‘The Spear Coach was brilliant, full of energy and great insight. His background was really interesting and he just brought so much knowledge and practical advice to the course, I thought it really added to it.’ Senior Manager, John Lewis Partnerships
‘Working with Spear has had a profound impact on our business and has been regarded universally by participants as the most effective training they have ever experienced. They have emerged with a suite of embedded leadership skills that are producing real results – greater managerial confidence, better teamwork, improved employee engagement, more effective delegation and accountability, as well as improved communication. In the words of our Managing Director – “The best money we’ve ever spent.”‘ Operations Partner, MJ Mapp
‘I have found the Spear candidates that we have recruited to be excellent members of our team. The high standard of training that they have received through the Spear programme has been evident in the high level of performance of the three team members we have working with us. I will certainly be letting Spear know of any future vacancies that arise.’ Senior Manager, The Hurley Group
‘Our Spear candidate has been a real contributor to the work we do at Rocketseed. He has become part of the team and everyone here has been hugely impressed by the way he has picked up basic business skills and got an understanding of how we work.’ Managing Director, Rocketseed