Tailored Management Coaching

Our tailored in-house programmes bring Spear’s coaching expertise to you

With groups of up to fifteen people at a time, we tailor our in-house coaching programmes to your business and adapt them to your management style. We work hard to get to know your internal language, and talk about specific issues in your organisation. It’s a great way to build shared understanding and resolve.

> Igniting potential: Coaching your entry-level staff and apprentices

Developing your own young talent is a highly cost-effective and satisfying way to build a healthy team. At the same time, motivating and inspiring young people can be challenging. Our coaching programmes will ignite the potential in your entry-level staff and apprentices. They’ll shape positive attitudes, develop inter-personal and communication skills, and build self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm.

We’ll concentrate on character development – helping your young people to do the right things for the right reasons, and understand what they’re innately good and passionate about. We’ll encourage them to discover challenges for themselves, take responsibility and find their own solutions. We’ll help them understand the hidden rules of the work place that it’s easy to assume they know.

> Creating sustainability: Coaching your managers to coach

Not all managers are natural coaches. We can coach your managers in the skills they need to coach their own teams effectively, and release the untapped potential of the people they’re responsible for. One of the keys to this is forging the adult-to-adult relationships which are more effective than those that feel like parent-to-child.

Building the skills of your managers will help you in turn to build a healthy organisation – as well as tackling many specific common issues such as motivation, inter-personal skills, communication, delegation, responsibility and goal-setting.