Coaching for Leadership

Our ‘Coaching for Leadership’ programme helps leaders and senior managers develop their skills in one-to-one coaching, effective delegation, authentic presentation and group facilitation

An open course that runs regularly at our modern, purpose-built facilities in Hammersmith, ‘Coaching for Leadership’ is all about improving business performance. Often it can completely transform it. Approved and certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management, this is an five day programme arranged over a six week period.

This evolutionary approach means that delegates can practise and apply the coaching skills they’ve learnt while on the job, and then come back to review their progress with the group. The final day includes assessments where each delegate can demonstrate their new-found competence in a live coaching environment.

As well as completing a personality profile, each delegate also receives two one-to-one coaching sessions with one of our most experienced senior coaches.

Mastering powerful new skills

Designed for senior managers, directors and CEOs, Coaching for Leadership has the proven ability to completely transform businesses by coaching leaders in developing powerful new skills:

  • Creating an effective coaching culture
  • Coaching and empowering direct reports
  • Managing in challenging but motivating ways
  • Delegating effectively
  • Making inspiring leadership presentations
  • Facilitating effective meetings

Business leaders come away from this course having mastered new coaching skills, knowing how to put them into practice, and ready to release the potential of their direct reports and organisations.

Delegate tributes to Coaching for Leadership:

“After 23 years in the Army it might have been easy to think I knew a lot about people and how to get the best out of them. Coaching for Leadership has given me another essential dimension to my understanding of people, how they work and how to get the very best with, for and from them.”

Jonny Wrench, Wilsher Group

“Coaching for Leadership provides practical tools to unlock the potential in those around you. It also provides the space and support to practise them – the perfect conditions to nurture leadership skills. It has been nothing less than life transforming!”

Sam Stephens, Macaulay Search

“Coaching for Leadership was a transformative experience. From day one I already began to feel some of the techniques start improving my management style at work. The trainers made it stretching, engaging, insightful and, most of all, really fun. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a better manager or leader!”

Zara Pearson, Programme Director, Entrepreneurs Foundation


Our Coaching for Leadership programme is run from our RIBA award-winning base in Hammersmith, London.

Map and directions

Cost: £2,500

We can help arrange bursaries for registered charities.

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