Our Coaching Expertise

We specialise in young people and corporate coaching – a unique combination

Expertise with Young People Our innovative work with young people over the past ten years demonstrates how the coaching can have a truly transformational effect – on their attitude, and on the contribution young people can make to their employers. To date, Spear has prepared over 3,000 unemployed young people from disadvantaged backgrounds for work or further education, proving a model through exceptional results. Corporate Coaching Experience We bring this understanding of young people and their issues together with our founders’ corporate coaching experience. That includes working with the boards of multi-national organisations, and enabling managers to lead teams for outstanding results. This unique combination means we’re ideally placed to help you create a healthy, motivated culture that spends less time resolving people management problems, and more working as an energised team. The Result? Often, young people are held back from realising their talents by poor attitude or a lack of ambition and application. For a business, this can lead to high staff turnover, lost continuity and impact on the bottom line. Drawing on our tried and tested expertise with young people, our tailored programmes start with helping your entry-level staff to unlock their full potential. But they go much further – creating sustainability by coaching your managers to coach, and transforming from the top by coaching your leaders. You can choose between in-house coaching consultancy in your offices with programmes tailored specifically to your business, and our ‘Coaching for Leadership’ course held at our facilities in Hammersmith. We are also a recognised coaching provider by the Institute of Leadership and Management. https://www.i-l-m.com/