Sophia Hutchings
“Spear was fun as well as productive; whilst on Spear we visited Banner Advertising Agency and, at the end of the course, they offered me a job there. It’s almost too good to be true – I am now working as a Receptionist and getting experience in all the different advertising departments!”

Sophia Hutchings, Completed Spear 2011, Administrator at Banner Corporation

Nick Murray
“During Spear, they put me forward for a work trial at LA Fitness. As a result of that, I was offered a job as a Fitness Trainer and I am doing a Personal Training course with them too. If I hadn’t done Spear, I would never have got the job I’m in now and that’s had the biggest impact on my life for a very long time.”

Nick Murray, Completed Spear 2010, Fitness Trainer at LA Fitness

Byron Clarke
“I came to Spear feeling a bit stuck and they helped me find some volunteer work at a Homeless Shelter. This gave me a great reference and then I found full time work as a Care Worker. I feel really happy and I’m in a much better position now career-wise.”

Byron Clarke, Completed Spear 2010, Care Assistant

Louise Turner
“Spear helped me grow in confidence because they encouraged me to speak up in the group. When they set me up with a work trial at Little Cherubs Nursery, I was more confident than I would have been because of Spear. They offered me a job there and I was so surprised, I couldn’t believe it! I now work as a Nursery Nurse and they are funding me to do my Nursery Nurse qualifications too.”

Louise Turner, Completed Spear, Nursery Nurse, Little Cherubs Nursery

Marsel Gjoka
“Spear helped me develop a great CV and interview skills, and my communication skills really improved too. I know how to talk to an employer effectively now and when they showed me how to apply for jobs, I found work as a Painter and Decorator. I’m now able to support myself and live independently.”

Marsel Gjoka, Completed Spear, Painter and Decorator