83 young people complete latest Spear Foundation

April 2016

83 young people complete latest Spear Foundation

‘Spear was one of the best decisions of my life’

Spear Harrow completer

At eight events across London at the beginning of April, Spear celebrated 83 young people completing the first six weeks of the programme, known as Spear Foundation. Some of these young people have already secured jobs and will receive in-work support to help them retain work and also progress within employment. Those still looking for work will also be supported by their coaches to keep looking for vacancies and prepare for interviews.

Spear Celebration marks an important point in the Spear journey, recognising the progress the young people have already made and encouraging them as they enter into the next phase of the programme.

A typical Spear Celebration evening starts with presentations from the young people about how they’ve found Spear and what they’ve learnt, as well as what they hope to do next. They are then presented with a certificate to mark their completion of Spear Foundation by one of the coaches and the evening ends with an informal drinks reception.

Our next Spear Celebration will take place on 7th June; if you’d like to attend at any of our eight centres to support our young people’s achievement, contact Jonny Edwards [linked to email] who can send through more information.

Photo credit: Jonty Herman